Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Nevaeh I wish I did not have to post in this blog and tell you happy birthday.
I wish I could celebrate and take you somewhere fun and watch you run and laugh.
Life is not fair This You know If I could take it all away I would in a second.
You have opened my eyes and changed so much for me and so many others you have
put a mark in this world in just 5 short years angel and I want you to know as
long as I breath on this earth YOU will live on in Me and Joe we will get the Justice
you deserve Angel you can count on it.Happy Birthday Angel you fill a special
Place in my heart and I love you Now and forever...<3

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas In Heaven

The Holidays are here again and I was hoping we would be celebrating Justice 4 You and happiness for me but both have eluded me another year. It seems like the days just keep going faster and faster and all I know for sure is I will fight for Justice 4 you NO matter how long it takes till my last breath if need be. I hope you are happy in Heaven Angel . I hope the everlasting beauty the feeling of happiness and safety and the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally by 2 people for sure fills you with peace. I wish I knew why God is testing us so hard and long and sometimes I wonder how much more he thinks we can take.I use to ask why you came to me why you picked me what were you trying to tell me but I do not question that anymore . I would like to believe I know the reason's it seems like you have given me the signs I needed to get me through . I know what you have brought to me and showed me and I know you also feel very strongly for the special person that has fought for you as hard as I have if not more I know you have seen his emotion and felt his love. I ask you to help him find true happiness and make his dreams come true his love for you is unconditional and true he is a special person and deserves the best you have given him strengh and courage to do what he has been called to do and now I hope you can take him to the next step and help him full fill all his dreams. I know it is there I know it exist I got a short glimpse of it and it is truly amazing and I know if anyone Angel can help him it is YOU. Hugs and Kisses I send to you this Holiday Season along with the love & Peace I send everyday.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Justice is coming Angel

My love 4 you continues to grow baby girl and the day will come when "WE" will celebrate
justice 4 you honey I promise you this. I see you in my dreams , I hear you in my thoughts
and not a day goes by when I do not wish This would have never happened to you if I could
take it all back I would in a heart beat.I have to say you have changed my life 4 ever you
opened my eyes to so many things and made me realize I needed to change things in my life
to find true happiness . I am working on it and I owe you so much it is amazing to me how
One small child's tragic Death can change so many things But Nevaeh that is what you have
done and not Just for me but for others as well your life will live on Honey in all of us. You have
made a mark in this world and for at least me and One other very special person you will
live on in our hearts forever and always we will cherish you and continue to make beautiful
memories in your name for a very long time to come you are a huge part of us now and will
always hold a special place in both of our hearts. We <3 you Angel xoxoxo

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Nevaeh,
I want you to know we have not forgotton you and we are still fighting for justice for you Angel
There is not a day that goes buy that I do not think of you, pray for you and shed a tear for you. One thing I know for sure is you will be forever in my heart you have a place there that no-one else could ever fill. I wish I could understand why I have come to feel as I knew you your whole life but I just can't it is one of those special can not explain feelings that never goes away that I will cherish forever with out a doubt. Justice 4 nevaeh is working very hard to make beautiful memories in your name and get you the Justice you deserve baby girl it is going to happen and when that day comes all the Angels in heaven will sing for you I am sure and I hope it will bring you the peace and happiness it takes to live happily ever after in heaven where you don't have to feel pain or hurt and evil does not exist. I see you in my Dreams still and sometimes I think I feel you near, I think you have guided the right people to me Nevaeh to help me bring you justice and make your name a living memory. I am working with a very special group of people who truly love you as there own and want Justice for you as much as I do, I could not do this all without them but I am sure you know this. I like to think you see and hear and feel all that we do sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through a rough day. Sit tight Angel your day is coming and justice and peace will be yours remember this always many people love you and think of you everyday and we will not let your name go down in vain Angel we will not allow that to happen not now not ever we will fight this fight as long as it takes. Forever in my <3
Hugs & Kisses

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas Nevaeh

My heart remains in pieces, Little Angel. The anger, pain and grief I feel inside feels like I’ve lost one of my own. As I again wipe away my tears, I try to think about the happier times, like when You proudly accepted Your Preschool Diploma or rode along the sidewalk on Your little scooter. Nevaeh, You are a beautiful child who I am sure filled the lives of everyone that knew You with joy, happiness, and eternal love. Those who loved You most have been dealt a heavy cross to bear and, for that, I am truly sorry. Every day I think of You, Nevaeh, and I pray that God will wave His hand and allow us to see His Justice here on earth. Personally, nothing and no one has ever touched me so deeply than You have, and I grieve deeply over You. Sometimes I wonder whether it will ever get any easier as I fight as hard as I can to help win Justice for You. I will never give up, Nevaeh. I never knew You in this life, but for some reason, I feel a personal connection to You. You have found a permanent place in my heart, Little Angel, and Your happy, smiling face will forever be etched in my mind. May God Bless You. XO Jess

Friday, July 31, 2009

You left a mark On my Heart

Dear Nevaeh,
I feel I have known you all your life, even though I did not.I see you in your pictures and how beautiful you were, you were special and GOD must have big plans for you. You never knew your daddy's extended family but one day you will, we are kind loving people Nevaeh we would have taken you under our wing and held you tight we would have protected you from the very evil that took you away from us.Now we have to count on god to do that for us, you are in good hands Nevaeh but, that does not take the pain away. We will stand together along side your Daddy and see that who ever did this to you is found and brought to JUSTICE and then and only then will we breath a sigh of relief. No one let alone an innocent child should ever have to go through what you went through honey Life should just not be that way you should be with us .We are having our Family reunion on Sunday and that is where you should be, that is where you belong. You are with god now and you don't have to feel no more pain or see no more evil your days should be filled with love and happiness and know that we are going to fight ever step of the way ,we will not let your memory go down in vain we are blood and I will stand up for you and your daddy till we have the person who did this to you behind bars and know nevaeh that you will never have to see this person again baby because people like that go straight to hell. I see you in my dreams and I know you can hear me. I have learned to love you and you hold a special place in my heart. I know you and my baby Makayla would have been great friends she asks about you all the time and she wants to know why someone hurt you and I have to tell her I don't know, that breaks my heart someday when she is older I hope and pray I can tell her who and why??.
All of my love and half of my heart,
Your cousin

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nevaeh and Shane were very happy together. They always played together and had alot of fun which made Shane very happy. We were all happy around her and we all loved her very much.

Uncle John

My granddaughter Nevaeh

You have no idea what this has done to your daddy, there is not a second that goes by that he is not out there looking for the person that took you away from him. I know that your time together was limited because the court system totally denied his parental rights and he wasn't allowed the time he should of had with you but, the time he did spend with you he cherished every second with you. He never thought that you'd be taken away from him, he alaways thought there would plenty of time to be with you and let me tell you he will NOT give up looking for your killer and he WILL get justice for you. Your daddy loves you and misses you so much and he is destoryed because your gone and as your grandmother and daddy's mother it hurts me to see him go through what hes going through. I wish really wish we had more birthdays and christmas's to spend with you and your daddy but, as it is said we will be together again and when that day comes NO ONE can take you away.

Love Grandma

Baby Girl

All the wonderful years that we have missed, and now we can't have any memories of you. What we do have of you are for all of us to cherish. Your father has tried his hardest to be in your life, now he won't rest untul you rest in peace and your killer is behind bars. Your father has sleepless nights, paces the floor, calls the police to see what is new on your case and he still waits for answers. Your father loves you and misses you so very much.

i love you baby girl with all my heart.

My niece Nevaeh

Seeing Shane and Nevaeh, when they had a chance to be together, was the cutest thing ever. They played for hours and she had the best time with her brothers. I remember when she came out to Shanes house and all she wanted me to do was go swimming with her and we had a blast!The thing that hurts the most is that if the courts would have made a better decision we wouldn't be here right now but, Monroe realizes they made a mistake now I bet, atleast I hope so... But I know that your daddy, stepmommy and brothers love you very much and you will always have a place in all of our hearts. Your daddy misses you so much and he will never forget the times he had with you and neither will I your Aunt Sammy. I love you and miss you dearly! I will do everything possible to change the laws and get justice for not only you but for your daddy too because he deserved to have a relationship with you we all did. Shane misses Nevaeh everyday and wishes things were different, but because Monroe County and others involved, none of us had a chance...

Your Aunt Sammy <3