Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Nevaeh,
I want you to know we have not forgotton you and we are still fighting for justice for you Angel
There is not a day that goes buy that I do not think of you, pray for you and shed a tear for you. One thing I know for sure is you will be forever in my heart you have a place there that no-one else could ever fill. I wish I could understand why I have come to feel as I knew you your whole life but I just can't it is one of those special can not explain feelings that never goes away that I will cherish forever with out a doubt. Justice 4 nevaeh is working very hard to make beautiful memories in your name and get you the Justice you deserve baby girl it is going to happen and when that day comes all the Angels in heaven will sing for you I am sure and I hope it will bring you the peace and happiness it takes to live happily ever after in heaven where you don't have to feel pain or hurt and evil does not exist. I see you in my Dreams still and sometimes I think I feel you near, I think you have guided the right people to me Nevaeh to help me bring you justice and make your name a living memory. I am working with a very special group of people who truly love you as there own and want Justice for you as much as I do, I could not do this all without them but I am sure you know this. I like to think you see and hear and feel all that we do sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through a rough day. Sit tight Angel your day is coming and justice and peace will be yours remember this always many people love you and think of you everyday and we will not let your name go down in vain Angel we will not allow that to happen not now not ever we will fight this fight as long as it takes. Forever in my <3
Hugs & Kisses