Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas Nevaeh

My heart remains in pieces, Little Angel. The anger, pain and grief I feel inside feels like I’ve lost one of my own. As I again wipe away my tears, I try to think about the happier times, like when You proudly accepted Your Preschool Diploma or rode along the sidewalk on Your little scooter. Nevaeh, You are a beautiful child who I am sure filled the lives of everyone that knew You with joy, happiness, and eternal love. Those who loved You most have been dealt a heavy cross to bear and, for that, I am truly sorry. Every day I think of You, Nevaeh, and I pray that God will wave His hand and allow us to see His Justice here on earth. Personally, nothing and no one has ever touched me so deeply than You have, and I grieve deeply over You. Sometimes I wonder whether it will ever get any easier as I fight as hard as I can to help win Justice for You. I will never give up, Nevaeh. I never knew You in this life, but for some reason, I feel a personal connection to You. You have found a permanent place in my heart, Little Angel, and Your happy, smiling face will forever be etched in my mind. May God Bless You. XO Jess