Thursday, July 30, 2009

My granddaughter Nevaeh

You have no idea what this has done to your daddy, there is not a second that goes by that he is not out there looking for the person that took you away from him. I know that your time together was limited because the court system totally denied his parental rights and he wasn't allowed the time he should of had with you but, the time he did spend with you he cherished every second with you. He never thought that you'd be taken away from him, he alaways thought there would plenty of time to be with you and let me tell you he will NOT give up looking for your killer and he WILL get justice for you. Your daddy loves you and misses you so much and he is destoryed because your gone and as your grandmother and daddy's mother it hurts me to see him go through what hes going through. I wish really wish we had more birthdays and christmas's to spend with you and your daddy but, as it is said we will be together again and when that day comes NO ONE can take you away.

Love Grandma