Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas In Heaven

The Holidays are here again and I was hoping we would be celebrating Justice 4 You and happiness for me but both have eluded me another year. It seems like the days just keep going faster and faster and all I know for sure is I will fight for Justice 4 you NO matter how long it takes till my last breath if need be. I hope you are happy in Heaven Angel . I hope the everlasting beauty the feeling of happiness and safety and the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally by 2 people for sure fills you with peace. I wish I knew why God is testing us so hard and long and sometimes I wonder how much more he thinks we can take.I use to ask why you came to me why you picked me what were you trying to tell me but I do not question that anymore . I would like to believe I know the reason's it seems like you have given me the signs I needed to get me through . I know what you have brought to me and showed me and I know you also feel very strongly for the special person that has fought for you as hard as I have if not more I know you have seen his emotion and felt his love. I ask you to help him find true happiness and make his dreams come true his love for you is unconditional and true he is a special person and deserves the best you have given him strengh and courage to do what he has been called to do and now I hope you can take him to the next step and help him full fill all his dreams. I know it is there I know it exist I got a short glimpse of it and it is truly amazing and I know if anyone Angel can help him it is YOU. Hugs and Kisses I send to you this Holiday Season along with the love & Peace I send everyday.